How We Help You

The health care you need is not always local. When you or your family need regular or emergency health care that requires a stay in a hotel, MedStay is here to help.

MedStay is a free concierge reservation service for patients and their family members.

With a simple phone call to one of our service team members, you can share your family’s needs and we’ll find and book exactly the right hotel for you at the very best rate.

Our staff members know all of the local hotels and can tell you which ones

  • are nearest to your hospital
  • offer hospital shuttle service
  • are pet friendly
  • have luxury amenities
  • have staff trained to receive hospital patients
  • offer furnished apartments
  • include free meals with lodging
  • are least expensive

Our staff has been working with the local hotels and health care facilities in the Triangle NC area for years. We often know how long you’re likely to need a hotel for many of the procedures our clients require. We understand the special pressures a healing person and their family and caregivers are under, and you’ll always receive a helpful, compassionate response when you call MedStay.

And whether you book the least or the most expensive hotel in Durham, Chapel Hill, and surrounding areas, MedStay will get you the best rates that hotel offers, guaranteed.

“Wonderful experience; comfortable, compassionate and competent. Sam and Donna are primarily the ones I talk to, but everyone is wonderful. Sam and Donna and I have spoken enough to where we have been able to establish a rapport and learn a little about each other. I have always been given compassionate, competent advice and service. My reservations are done so easily, whenever I need them, no matter the time of day – – and always with care and positive, nurturing attitudes. Just what you need when medical conditions are such that you need all the help you can get. I will always use MedStay and will and have recommended to others. Thank you Medstay for taking such good care of us!”  Betty L, Daleville, VA

You can also find hotels near Duke Hospital in Durham or Duke Raleigh Hospital in Raleigh.